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April 27–29, 2021 @ 8AM-9:30AM PT | @ 2PM-4PM PT


Join the fun this week a the 2021 CubeSat Developers Workshop!


Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Santangelo is the Chief Technology Officer of sci_Zone and Principal Architect of the LinkStar Radio System and QuickSAT environment. He has supported the design and development of numerous Satellites, UAVs, near space concept systems and commercial flight systems. He is a Lifetime Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and is the Founding Chairman of the AIAA Small Satellite Technical Committee
Mr. Santangelo will be leading the briefings listed to the right this week as part of the 2021 CubeSat Developers Workshop!


The LinkStar Cybersecurity Cubesat “Sandbox” – a platform to test cubesat vulnerabilities with the Small Satellite Community

April 29, 2021; 12:00 PM PDT – Testing and understanding the range of threats to all segments of a cubesat mission can be daunting, especially for teams that are not well funded or lack the resources for test and development.  sci_Zone with the AIAA and the Aerospace Cybersecurity Working Group created the LinkStar Cybersecurity Cubesat Test Platform, a sandbox to test vulnerabilities a cubesat can experience.  For this presentation will present the architecture, highlight current lessons learned, and how a team can gain access to test, learn, probe and try to “hack” the satellite. 


Cybersecurity Panel Discussion

April 27, 2021; 10:00 AM PDT – Cubesats are becoming ubiquitous in Low Earth Orbit with operators ranging from the U.S. Government to commercial businesses, university teams and even hobbyists.  However cubesats are vulnerable to range of cyberattacks on the ground segment, the link segment and the Space Segment.  Join Mr. Santangelo and the AIAA Small Satellite Technical Committee to discuss Cybersecurity and CubeSats.

sci_Zone is the home of the LinkStar radio system and the QuickSAT software suite! Our cutting-edge products can be found on land, at sea, in the air and in space! The products we develop and the projects we lead are carried out by a group of talented engineers who want to transform our communities. With everything we design and implement at sci_Zone, we always try to make sure we bring the latest technologies to our customers. We’re based in Holland, Michigan and have been happily innovating since 2003.

Global Communications and Tracking!

The LinkStar Family of Radio Systems

LinkStar with QuickSAT/VMS - A Complete System To Monitor & Control your satellite!

QuickSAT/VMS is a complete system to manage and monitor your satellite.  Through a web based interface on the satellite and the ground you can see your messages, radio and satellite status, and GPS data including satellite location and speed.  Test Like You Fly!!!

QuickSAT/VMS provides the framework to monitor satellite health, provide vehicle control and the ability to monitor all sensors and functions on your satellite.  Tools are provided for GPS integration and payload control.  And of course QuickSAT/VMS provides for secure communications uplink and downlink.  Your team can be operational immediately when the LinkStar radio is powered on.

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