Bright Ascension

Bright Ascension

off-the-shelf software for each unique satellite mission.

Do you think your CubeSat mission is too unique to use off-the-shelf software?

Think again!

We know that every spacecraft is different, so our innovative modular approach is designed to create limitless combinations of both pre-validated and bespoke software components to get you ready for launch sooner, with fewer risks and at lower cost.

Building flight software has never been easier!


mission development

Flight Software Development Kit

Flight Software Development Kit (FSDK) is an innovative development environment, which allows you to create a unique mission-specific flight software package through our extensive library of pre-validated components. 

why choose FSDK?

  • RAPID DEVELOPMENT: use our component library to quickly create your flight software for early testing and integration. Once you’ve covered your basic functionality with library components, you can fully focus on the unique parts of your mission, making your development process as rapid as possible.  
  • REDUCED RISK: reduce risk of failure with our pre-validated components, many with impressive flight heritage. So far, 33 missions have made it to space with our flight software onboard, with many more in development.
  • UNIQUE MISSIONS: use pre-existing components to cover basic flight functionality and supplement them with custom ones, specific to your unique mission
  • EASE OF USE AND SUPPORT: simplicity and ease of use, coupled with a full year of support and maintenance, including training to get you started, mean there is no requirement for specialist skills
  • SCALABILITY: as your space system grows, swap the components in and out to quickly and easily adapt your flight software package to new requirements, new hardware or updates to software  

mission operation

Mission Operation Software

Our cutting-edge Mission Control Software allows you to focus on mission goals rather than how they should be achieved, leading to more efficient and scalable operations. Fully integrated, it includes extensive automation for unattended operations. 

integrated solution

What’s more, underpinning every unique flight software built with our development kit is the model-based core technology, which creates a machine-readable description of the system that can be used across all life-cycle stages.

This means that, once in operation,  our easy-to-use ground-based Mission Control Software can automatically read the entire flight structure. So for those using both our products, there is little or no configuration required for spacecraft operations. 

licensing and support

We offer different license types across all our major products to address different market segments, from large organisations or those offering services within the industry to small and medium-size commercial organisations, institutions and academic settings.

Each licence includes a full year of support and maintenance including training to get you started.

academic programme

Bright Start

We know that student projects operate on extremely tight and often non-existent budgets. To support future skill-building, we offer an academic programme that provides multiple opportunities to get our software products completely free of charge.

what's included?

  • ACADEMIC LICENSES: specially designed free and/or heavily discounted product bundle licenses for the academic community.
  • Classroom License: a free educational license for evaluation or learning purposes, which comes with the same support and training offered to paying Academic Flight License users. 
  • Flight License: once you are ready to launch, you will need our Academic Flight Licence, a heavily discounted bundle of both our flight and ground software products, available as a 3 year plan. 
  • TRAINING AND SUPPORT: to make sure you have sufficient training and support to use our software, we provide access to member-exclusive support forum and organise shared training sessions.
  • SPONSORSHIP: an opportunity to get your academic mission sponsored with free flight and ground licence bundle. We sponsor up to 3 academic missions each year.