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Meet our team

April 26–28, 2022

Miguel Ángel Vázquez

Managing Director and

He is an entrepreneur, Doctor on Physics by Seville University, Master in Renewable Energy by Andalusia International University and Master in Energetic Engineering by Seville University.

Vicente Díaz


PHD on Physics (Solar Energy) by Polytechnic University of Madrid and Bachelor Science on Physics by University of Granada. He has been assistant professor at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, has been 11 years with Indra Sistemas (working in aeronautics and military projects) and more than 12 years with ISOFOTON S.A.

About DHV Technology

DHV Technology team

DHV Technology, founded at 2013, has been growing with a very talented and encouraged team, full of passion and motivation for the Aerospace Market, designing and manufacturing solar panels for space applications and other power subsystems for different platforms.

The group of engineers and experts who are part of DHV Technology is built by a balanced and multidisciplinary team, with extensive professional experience in various fields.

Because of these reasons, the company is able to tackle complex and challenging projects and to provide solutions with high added value and highly adapted to the demands of the customers.

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Customized solutions

Engineering Team

The engineering team of DHV Technology is used to work under a requirements list to be met during the execution of the project. Customized soltutions are available for different size and type of platforms.


One of the key points of DHV Technology team is the focus on the customer needs, including the difficult schedules and New Space approachs to be met.

DHV Technology has a long experience manufacturing different solar panel formats, even taking into account huge constellations in terms of Cubesats and Smallsats.

Cubesat Solar Panels

Standard Designs

  • Most common structures are taken into account for the standard solutions
  • Starting from the smallest platform (i.i. Pocketqube), DHV Technology has designed solar panels for all the Cubesat sizes, going through the 1U, 2U, 3U, 6U, 8U, 12U, 16U.
  • Body mounted and Deployable solutions are available, depending on the electrical and mechanical design to be taken into account.
DHV Technology CubeSats

Materials and parts

  • Different substrate materials can be used to manufacture our solar panels.
  • From polyimide substrates to composite materials, all the used technologies are tested to qualify their correct functionality in space and under high loads during launch environments.
  • Before the test, all the material selection and analysis is designed using FEM models to demostrate the correct behaviour under the most critical loads.
DHV Technology

Cubesat EPS & SADA

EPS Highlights

  • Scalable for CubeSats from non deployable 1U, up to triple deployable 2U, 3U or 6U with various configurations
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Space qualified
  • Thermal knife control for wing deployment
  • PC104 form factor
  • Customization also available upon request
DHV Technology EPS

SADA Highlights

  • The Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA) for CubeSats is a rotatory system which increases power generation of CubeSat solar arrays.
  • The system accomodates 3U, 6U and 12U CubeSat form factor supporting up to 120W, with a total dimmensions of 100x100x10mm
  • Gimbal for one-axis concept
  • PC104 form factor
  • TRL9 during 2022
  • SADA system can hold a total of 15 signals per wing
  • It is designed to rotate up to +/-180 degrees.
  • Customization also available upon request
DHV Technology SADA
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