Ibeos will be exhibiting at the times below:

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 @ 8AM-9:30AM PT  &  2PM-4PM PT 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 @ 8AM-9:30AM PT &  2PM-4PM PT

Thursday, April 29, 2021 @ 8AM-9:30AM PT & 2PM – 4PM PT

Meet Our Cubesat Developers Workshop Conference Team

Abigail Davidson


Abigail has 15 years of experience designing, building, and leading the development of spacecraft and related hardware.  At Ibeos, Abigail is focused on company strategy and building external relationships with customers, vendors, and industry partners.



CtO/ Founder

John has over 15 years of experience designing electronics for satellites.  With an expertise in radiation hard electronics, John is focused on building a portfolio of products at Ibeos that combine reliability,  survivability, and low SWaPC to serve the Cubesat community.


Principal Mechanical Engineer

Joe has over 20 years of experience performing mechanical packaging designs for electronics, including spacecraft electronics.  

At Ibeos, Joe leads the design, fabrication, analysis, and test of various standard and custom electronics products.


Lead Mechanical Engineer

Grant has been with Ibeos since 2017.  At Ibeos Grant has led the development of many of our Cubesat product mechanical and packaging designs.  Grant is intimately familiar with the mechanical and thermal design of our Cubesat portfolio of products.


Lead Electrical Engineer

Hunter has been with Ibeos since 2018.  At Ibeos, Hunter specializes in the electrical design of boards and assemblies, with an emphasis on our computing product line.  Hunter’s specialty is in electrical design, firmware, and low-level software.

About Ibeos

Ibeos provides both standard and custom electronics to serve the Cubesat satellite market.

Ibeos is pioneering a new era where high quality subsystems are accessible to small satellite builders and operators at an affordable cost. With a background in electronics design for geosynchronous and long-life missions, Ibeos understands reliability. We apply this focus and expertise to smaller satellite subsystems through innovations in part selection, testing, and iterative design.  Ibeos provides economic subsystems with the quality and reliability required of operational commercial constellations, national security applications, and missions beyond LEO. 

Cubesat Standard Products

CubeSat Electric Power Subsystem (EPS)

Available in 14V or 28V Bus Voltage

  • Cubesat-compatible form-factor (96 mm x 90 mm x 14.5 mm)
  • 150 or 200-Watt S/A input peak power tracker, 3.3-Volt, 5-Volt and 12-Volt outputs, and power distribution functions
  • Radiation-tolerant by design
  • I2C and SPI command, control, and data handling interface
  • Analog under/over-voltage and over-current protection
  • Two-fault tolerant spacecraft inhibits
  • Spacecraft watchdog

Modular Smallsat Battery

Available in 45 or 90 Whr

  • 94.5 mm x 84.1 mm x 23.1 mm envelope
  • 45-Watt-hour modular lithium-ion battery; can be packaged in pairs to create 90 Watt-hour module
  • Radiation tolerant under/over-voltage and over-current protection
  • Low power inhibit interface allows long term storage and passivation for pre-deployment
  • ISS-compliant
  • Integrated heater and thermistor

28V / 135 Whr Battery

  • 94.5 mm x 87.5 mm x 50.6 mm
  • Provides 10A sustained discharge, 2.5A sustained charge currents in a Cubesat-compatible form factor
  • Radiation tolerant under/over-voltage and over-current protection
  • Low power inhibit interface allows long term storage and passivation for pre-deployment
  • Low power inhibit interface allows long term storage and passivation for pre-deployment

EDGE GPU - Based Payload Processor

  • Cubeast-compatible form-factor (1U envelope for primary processing assembly; 3U SpaceVPX envelope for expanded version)
  • Powerful processor with 300 GFLOPS* for mission data processing
  • 4 ARM cores with up to 2 GHz clock speed
  • 256 GPU cores
  • Radiation tolerant design with multi-core CPU and GPU cores for powerful and efficient parallel processing
  • Ideal for image processing, RF signal processing, SAR, and other high-throughput computationally intensive application

*Inquire directly for information regarding next generation version with increased processing capability, available in 2022.


Ibeos Featured In NASA's Annual Smallsat State of the Art Report

We’re honored to share that Ibeos was featured in NASA’s annual State of the Art of Small Spacecraft Technology Report!

Read the press release here:


Career Opportunities

We have opportunities for both new and experienced professionals who have technical backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, physics, and computer science. Ibeos also has opportunities for business professionals with experience in business development, accounting, and government program compliance/administration. If any of the aforementioned disciplines are of interest and you think that you are a good candidate for one of the listings below, send a copy of your resume to info@ibeos.com.

Available Positions

Senior Digital Architect

Ibeos is looking for an engineer with digital design experience. Desired skills include high-speed digital circuit design and high-speed PCB design. Knowledge of radiation effects is a plus

Senior Analog/Power Architect

Ibeos is looking for an engineer with experience in power electronics design. Desired skills include power converter design, PWB design, worst case analysis, and control loop design.  Knowledge of radiation effects is a plus.

Lead Electrical Engineer

Ibeos is looking for an engineer to support a wide range of analog and/or digital electronic designs. Desired skills include analog and/or digital eletrical design, PWB design, firmware design, electrical analysis, and circuit-level testing. Experience in any industry is welcome.

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