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Since 2014 Leaf Space has consolidated its presence in the New Space market, becoming a primary ground segment as-a-service provider with a unique vision, offering multi-mission and tailored ground segment services.

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About Leaf Space

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Leaf Space operates, and continues to develop, a solid and reliable distributed ground station infrastructure to provide effective ground segment-as-a-service solutions and enable full exploitation of space data. The company has a vision of being the leading provider of such services in order to drive expansion and sustainability of the space ecosystem and downstream applications.

Leaf Space’s proprietary concept is focused on providing satellite connectivity as-a-service, to support clients with their satellite operations by managing and procuring the entire ground segment system through a complete set of services. These include time-shared access to ground, customized communication solutions, ground station procurement, consultancy, and backup services.

Leaf Space aims to provide the most easy-to-use, flexible, cost-effective, and operationally solid ground segment solutions to reliably support satellites in LEO and MEO along all lifecycle phases. Focus is put on highly scalable interfaces and operations, while continuously iterating according to NewSpace market needs in terms of new verticals (Launch Vehicles, HAPS) in addition to satellite and constellation operators.

The company’s infrastructure is globally distributed and utilizes both 3.7-meter and 3-meter parabolic dishes used for both S-band and X-band operations, while Yagis are used for UHF and VHF respectively, implementing commercial high datarate receivers in combination with Leaf Space baseband processing software.

The NewSpace industry’s fast-paced development is constantly requiring higher levels of protection and risk mitigation for cybersecurity threats. Leaf Space is in an active partnership with Swiss company CYSEC providing space cybersecurity services applied to the Leaf Line and Leaf Key ground segment services.

The following webinars provide more insights into Leaf Space’s approach and the associated benefits for global customers:

Leaf Space Services

Leaf Line

Proprietary and fully managed, multi-mission ground station network.

The Ground Station (GS) time is shared between different customers and missions using a high efficiency scheduling algorithm, optimizing the GSs use while satisfying the customer’s constraints.

From the operations point of view, Leaf Space will carry out all the activities and management of the ground segment, therefore the customer will have the important advantage of focusing more on his own core business.

To interact with the Leaf Line network, our customer can use a dedicated API and a real-time data transfer interface through which a proprietary control center or ground segment manager software can be easily integrated.

Leaf Space has decided to adopt a unique distributed mid/low-latitude network architecture instead of a near-polar one due to a series of advantages:

  • No single-point of failure: single GS temporary unavailability would not induce catastrophic downgrade of the service
  • High capacity for a wide range of orbits: the network is optimized to provide high contact time and low latency not only to SSO orbits but also to low-inclination and equatorial ones in a full range of eccentricities and orbital planes configurations.
  • High tolerance to real-world satellite deployment: close deployments from the launch vehicle, typical of recent ride-share missions, have a congestion effect on the ground segment when several satellites overlaps over a single location. The distributed configuration allows a better balance of peak request among all the GSs.
  • Lower RF interference: RF interference due to frequent satellite conjunction (typical of near-polar sites for SSOs) is avoided, in addition Leaf Space carries out a continuous work of assessment and mitigation over interference issues both on operational location and during new location selection.
  • High load balancing capability: peak capacity requests are easily handled with automated balancing among different locations. In addition, a single GS failure has a very limited impact on the overall network capacity and performance.
  • Demanding location avoidance: locations characterized by extreme weather conditions and difficult reachability are avoided, to increase the overall up-time of the system and assure a fast and cost-effective GS deployment and maintenance.

The Leaf Line Ground Segment Service is therefore the perfect solution for missions requiring high contact time and low latency typical of a distributed ground station network.

Leaf Key

Dedicated tailored-built ground station network for medium to large size constellation satellite operators.

The deployment of the network backbone is carefully designed following the development plan of the customer’s constellation, guaranteeing the right performance at the right time.

Basing technology and infrastructure on the Leaf Line service assures high reliability, lower deployment time, lower production and maintenance cost that is directly reflected on a better service paired with the cost-effectiveness typical of the Leaf Line service.

Leaf Space takes care of the operations and maintenance of the Leaf Key network, guaranteeing service level agreements allowing the customer to focus on his core business.

Leaf Key is the best solution when compliancy with stringent requirements for capacity, latency, data transfer paths and cost-effectiveness are requested.

LVT (Launch Vehicle Tracking)

Launch Vehicle Tracking as-a-service

Fully-managed, Launch Vehicle real-time autotrack and TM reception deployed on need with additional support from world-wide distributed Leaf Line network.

Capability to provide local deployment of mobile ground stations if launcher TT&C and launch termination systems are required.

Consultancy Services

Ground segment and licensing expertise and know-how

Leaf Space’s experience in the SmallSat ground segment environment has aided in building a significant internal know-how in the field.

Our team is capable of assisting customers for technical consulting, licensing, ground segment CONOPS, simulations, testing and several other areas.

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