M2 Antenna Systems started out building high quality satellite communications antennas for the government. Building on Mike Staal’s early successes as an engineering working for Stanford Research Institute, our company has excelled in producing innovative, high quality RF products to meet demanding communications needs for the government, military, space and, the research and scientific communities.

We also produce off-the-shelf products for wireless internet service providers (WiSPs), commercial two-way service providers, and the mining industry. From high-performance HF Yagis to innovative dish feeds well into the microwave region, M2 produces the finest antennas, positioners, and accessories around, and we offer an equally impressive array of services.

Our antennas are computer modeled, optimized, and tested at our Fresno, California facility. Our products are made right here in the United States of high quality aluminum and steel. All parts are computer numerically controlled (CNC) or manually machined by expert machinists who understand that quality counts. All of our positioners are designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide years of heavy-duty pointing accuracy. From our low cost OR-2800PX and MT-1000A Azimuth and Elevation systems, to our AE1000S Servo Motor systems, the same level of care and craftsmanship is put into every system built. Each system comes fully documented and ready to be put to work in your application.

M2’s accessory line also covers a full range of rigid tube and flexible coaxial power dividers, precision phasing lines, and switching products. We can accommodate most power levels from microwatts to megawatts. Our mast-mounted low noise amplifier (LNA) receive preamplifiers can be built to cover most frequency ranges.

Common throughout our more than three decades in business is our service. M2’s engineering services include all aspects of RF from the feedline to the antenna, including specialty feed arrangements and precision positioning systems. Many are surprised to find that we also offer enterprise product development services, from concept to low-rate initial and small run final production. Contact us today to find out how M2 has you covered!



The AE2000 Full-Sky Positioner is a state of the industry system which can be outfitted to fit a myriad of applications.  Supporting up to 3.7m reflectors, multiple dish / Yagi / helical configurations are easily managed.  With greater than 15 degree/second motion makes this a very flexible system which is designed to support LEO/MEO/HEO/GEO satellite operations in addition to many other applications. 


With the explosion in Lan-sat / Earth-sat capabilities, M2 has expanded our range of Dish Feeds, to include broadband and multi-band feeds for a multitude of applications, including SGLS, Communications, Government, University, and many other customers.   Over the years M2 has developed Single, Dual and Multi-band Feeds to meet a multitude of challenging applications.  Either Linear, Circular and simultaneous  Linear/Circular, with or without polarity rotation, M2 has achieved many complex feed challenges.   Reach out to M2, our engineering team are standing by to work with you for the optimal solution to fit your needs.


Government, Military, NASA, Universities and Research Institutes have been using helix antenna in many applications for decades.  For certain applications Helical antenna are the best choice.  M2 has over the years developed a unique approach to the design and fabrication of these ubiquitous antennas.  From a single helix to phased arrays M2 Antenna Systems engineers  have developed solutions to some of the most difficult challenges our our customers have presented  to us.  Contact M2 and let us assist you in meeting your goals.


M2 Antenna Systems inc. have been designing  and fabricating Circular polarized Yagi antennas and phased arrays for many years. We have many models to choose from, ranging through VHF to UHF frequencies. If you can’t  find an antenna to fit your needs, M2 can design and build you the most desirable antenna and systems to meet your needs.


Ever since our first positioning system, M2 has been designing and building (ACU) Antenna Control Units and (RPU) Remote Power Units. From our tried and true RC2800PRK2SU to our new Servo controllers, the RL2200 built by Radeus labs and our RPU-2K-RL-F are the latest in our line of ACU’s


Our AE1000 serries of AZ / EL mount have been ever evolving to incorporate many options to cover many and varying applications. Whether positioning a parabolic dish or a phased array of  VHF/UHF Yagi’s M2 has a mount to optimize your system. Let M2 help you pick the right options for you.


M2 Antenna Systems has developed and upgrade kit for the YEASU G-5500 series of positioners, both the AC and DC drive versions can be updated or re-furbished to the New M2 PR-5500 positioner controller.  The kit comes complete with replacement motors, a 1-RU controller, and 50′ of cabling (Optional up to 100′).  With brushless DC motors using the pulse counts directly from the motors , this kit improves pointing accuracy as well as the reliability of this workhorse positioner used by both Commercial, Government, and the Amateur communities world wide.

The M2-PR-5500 ACU has both USB and Ethernet (TCP/IP) interfaces for flexibility and works with all of the original YEASU command set, allowing for seamless operation using any of the many existing antenna control software packages available.  In addition, the ACU has an expanded command set provided which allows for more precise control and calibration of the G-5500.

Reach out to M2 For your G-5500 repair or upgrade needs, we will be happy to assist.

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