600+ Systems and Sub-Systems
in orbit over past 5 years

NSL Service and Systems

NearSpace Launch


April 27, 2021 @ 10AM-12PM PT | 1pm-3pm ET 

April 28, 2021 @ 10PM-12PM PT| 1pm-3pm ET

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We are excited to connect with you and how we can partner with you our mission. 

Matthew Voss

Chief Operations Officer

Contact Information: mattvoss@nearspacelaunch.com  765.998.8942

Matt Orvis


Contact Information: mattorvis@nearspacelaunch.com  765.998.8942

Company Introduction

NearSpace Launch has a 100% in orbit, mission success rate for government and industry missions. Over 600 systems and subsystems in orbit in past 5 years. 

Effective end-to-end communication; no ground station needed. Low power/size Simplex and Duplex EyeStar radio partnered with Globalstar Inc. network.

Our Fastbus are 10 for 10 and S3 Eyestar Radios are 100+ in orbit. 

Learn more at www.nearspacelaunch.com 

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