Printech Circuit Laboratories Ltd

Virtual Exhibit Booth:

April 27–29, 2021 @ 8AM-9:30AM PT | @ 2PM-4PM PT


Nick Howland

Sales Manager

Nick works alongside our engineers to help ensure smooth customer support

Nick Potts

Managing Director

Nick has directed Printech into the new space sector and oversaw a transition to bring forward and modernise the company.

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About Printech

For over 40 years Printech Circuit Laboratories (PCL) has been manufacturing specialist circuitry and associated products for a large number and variety of customers.  

The in-depth knowledge and experience of how to manufacture using a wide variety and, where necessary, a combination of materials has developed into a business that can provide answers to many difficult questions.  

Our business currently supports and serves several market sectors including but not restricted to Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Motorsport, RF and Microwave communication.

Inside Printech

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Conformal Antenna

Different by Design


UHF Patch Antenna Array


L Band AirGap Patch Antenna

Nomex Applications

Other Products

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