We engineer, build, and operate exceptional Nanosats

EnduroSat provides exceptional NanoSats and space services for business, exploration, and science teams. The Shared Sat Service by EnduroSat enables streamlined space operations at a fraction of the current market cost. Its goal is to help drive innovation at the final frontier by providing easy access to space for multiple payloads and diverse mission concepts.

EnduroSat currently has more than 180 systems in Space and provides CubeSat platforms in the 1U – 12U range. Our products have found recognition in the last two editions of NASA’s State of the Art of Small Spacecraft Technology report.

Have you encountered a stumbling block in your Space mission? We are here to answer your most pressing questions and advise you on the best practices.

Virtual Exhibit Booth: https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/89020493339?

April 27, 2021 @ 8AM-9:30AM & 2:00PM-4PM PD | April 28, 2021 @ 8AM-9:30AM  & 2:00PM-4PM PD | April 29, 2021 @ 8AM-9:30AM  & 2:00PM-4PM PD




Stan is a passionate space professional with experience in design review and project management. Dedicated to providing assistance in identifying the optimal system configuration.



sales engineer

Hristo has 10 years professional background in Tech Sales and Account Management. He can assist you define the solution most suitable to your needs




Hristiyana is a master’s student in Astronomy and Popularisation of Astronomy. She is passionate about science and space entrepreneurship.


Shared Satellite Service

What is the difference between hosted payload and shared satellite? Our Mission Manager, Victor Danchev expands on owning and operating your payload in Space with no additional infrastructure. 

Platforms and components

Check out EnduroSat’s online store to discover a comprehensive CubeSat catalog and the first industry’s satellite configurator.